Our Mission

To provide a platform to emerging Thai-Artists to showcase their work to an international audience.

To support local art-communities with opportunities through connection to art lovers, tourism, and inspirational colleagues.

To promote Arts, Crafts, and Culture in domestic and international tourism

Phuket art gallery

The Living Art Gallery is a home of an aesthetic living for both homeowners and visitors. Sornchat Krainara intends to gather all forms of art, food, culture, and music into the gallery, which will be divided, into four zones including:
Zone 1 – Peranakans culture or Baba Yaya as seen in Phuket.    
Zone 2 – Phuket’s abundance nature and its rainforest
Zone 3 – The bright Blue Ocean
Zone 4 – Final performance


Thung Yai Community Art Center

In cooperation with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and local governmental bodies, we are creating a community art center in Thung Yai, a small rural community between Krabi and Nakhon Si Thammarat. 

Thung Yai is just one hour away from Krabi Airport and situated ideally for domestic and international tourism. It is close to Kiriwong, the mountain ranges of Khao Luang, South Thailand’s highest mountain, highly favored by adventure tourism for its ample trekking and wildlife spotting opportunities. It is also close to some of the most amazing cave-diving spots that south Thailand has to offer. For lovers of spa tourism we recommend the famous hot springs of Krabi and Surat Thani. 

Thung Yai is at the intersection of three provinces: Krabi, Suratthani and Nakhon Si Thammarat and just a short trip away from Trang, Pattalung and Songklah. 

Online Festival

The Thung Yai Community Art Center is the base of operations. From there we will launch Thailand’s first online art festival. Join us to experience live art,  art workshops, culinary classes, masterclasses, vlogs, discussion panels, webinars and live music.

Global Designer – Local Artist Partnerships

Thai traditional arts and crafts like batik, panan weaving, the tradition of making beads, art from coconut and a great variety of other Thai crafts are gradually disappearing. The communities find faster, and easier income in shrimp farming or rubber and oil plantations and the young talent is moving into the big metropolitan areas. 

The goal of The Living Arts Journey is to revitalize the arts and crafts in danger of being lost. While creating opportunities to showcase the work of local artists to a global community of art lovers and art supporters is an important first step, we also want to enable an exchange of ideas, techniques and creativity between cultures. 

We pair renowned designers and artists with local artists or craftsmen and -women. Together they develop unique products and exchange techniques, ideas and knowledge. Find some of these products in our Living Arts Online Gallery.

“To Uplift Phuket Province And To Position It As A World City Of Gastronomy Culture Which Encompasses Food, Arts, Exhibition, Entertainment, Music And Culture”

~ Aom Sornchat Krainara


The company’s very first event was the first hot air balloon festival in Thailand. Since the formation of the company, we have organized the biggest outdoor events in Thailand at several venues throughout the country. Music, arts, and cultural events have been conceived, managed, and promoted during these 12 years.




Our very first outdoor event. Followed by an even bigger one every year and has led to similar events and tours in that specific field.




Viva Valentine – a world first – the marriage of 14 couples in hot air balloons which took place in Chiang Mai, was conceived, managed, and promoted throughout Thailand and worldwide.




The first-ever international concert at the legendary Ratchamangkala Pavilion.




CHIANG MAI FEST 2011 – 2014


Music, street art, were both entirely new art forms for Thailand. Our company brought it to the country via this festival and has received high acclaim from those who were able to visit the festival.




A first-time event in Thailand, which featured international outdoor optical and sensory illusion arts and Living statue performances. Which brought unique International Art & Thai Culture to the heart of Bangkok, Ratchaprasong.




Taking place in Phuket, the creative hub of Thailand, for three days. The art festival will start from the 27th until the 30th August at the Blue Tree Phuket. Staging arts & crafts from all around Thailand in a lifestyle gallery experience like never before.

Sornchat Krainara / Aom

“I created and managed the Chiang Mai Fest, Living Arts Festival, and the Thailand International Balloon Festival when I was president of Earth Wind & Fire, a Chiang Mai-based events promoter. Before that, I worked as Guest Relations for the Doi Tung Development Project, as Resort Manager at Phu ChaiSai Mountain Resort and Spa, and as Guest Relations & Public Relations Manager and Hotel Liaison Manager at Anantara Resort and Spa in Chiang Rai. My vision is to introduce young, local artists to the world, to promote Thai culture, and to encourage young artists to pursue their craft. Setting the stage for these talents in a grand culinary event that attracts art lovers from all over the world.”

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