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Dreams change with age. Dutchan ‘Fai’ Jaritngam is a 30 year old jewelry designer, who had childhood dreams of being both an astronaut and an architect. However, these days she finds herself exploring the life of a designer.

“I look into the future and see that fashion marketing would be very essential to online trading and the fashion circle of Thailand. It includes market & human analysis and consumer access. It wasn’t yet wide open for Thailand 7-8 years ago. During my time working at the jewelry company, I took knowledge on fashion marketing and applied it for my job as a jewelry designer. As a result, I could design jewelry that satisfied with the consumer,” recalls Dutchan, who graduated from a course of fashion marketing at Raffles International College.

Before opening her own business with her own brand, Dutchman worked as a jewelry designer at a jewelry company and as an art director at a jewelry factory.

“By word of mouth, customers introduced me to others for designing an engagement ring or earrings. One day, I realized suddenly that I should start to build my own brand. After that, I analyzed brand positioning, production pricing, and customer targeting. At first, I started with my commercial product, a gold ring decorated with radiant pink gems, under my own brand, Yue, which in Chinese means moon, as my name Dutchan – chan in Thai means a moon. Starting with the ring was my personal preference as I think that most of Thai women wear the ring. A ring can change the mood of the outfit and adjust it for different occasions.”

Dutchan created unique pieces for a set of 3 necklaces, earrings and a bracelet as well as a set of dining table accessories for an extensive project, titled Peranakan 2020, which was held in Phuket.

“We researched about pearls in Phuket and needed to add value to it as well as present Phuket’s real pearl to the foreigners. So, my Yue brand collaborated with Phuket’s white pearls and show and sold at this event. The first unique piece is a necklace to be embroidered by nylon and mixed and matched with pearls and Nora beads. The proceeds of the embroidery will be done by local craftsmen. It will be a prototype for this event. The real product will be all fine art.

“In addition, I’m also responsible for designing dining table accessories such as press mat, napkin ring and wine glass holder which all are from local products. Press mat is made of ‘Toei Panan’ (seashore screwpine) by Muslim Housewife Crafts Group in Trang and I add vibrant colours. After that, press mat is dyed in radiant colours and embroidered with pattern and beads. Napkin is made of batik fabric by Batik de Nara in Pattani, and napkin ring can be adapted to be a brooch for the outfit. For wine glass holder, it is made of brass that can be adapted for a ring. All are under the concept of Peranakan 2020 but mixed with technological modernity such as graphics,” she says.

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