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Eaggamon ‘Jeab’ Attagamon is a fashion stylist who owns the Eaggamon brand, a fashion design lecturer at the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University as well as the former editor of Praew Magazine. In 2020, he was the artistic consultant for the Peranakan Project at The Living Arts Festival 2020.

“I will be responsible for controlling the overall theme into the same mood and tone of ‘Peranakan 2020’ from the starting point of the dragon’s mouth until the ending point of the dragon’s tail. It is in the same way to be an unity,” says Eaggamon.

With the concept of Peranakan 2020, it is like reproducing the old things with the modernity of 2020. It is a new perspective that the 53-year-old fashion designer will create a modern look on the native product.

“I will create an outfit collection to collaborate with local brand Batik de Nara in Pattani. I present my idea or concept with the local brand, which transformed my concept into the textile design, then we will take it on our collection and show at the event and sell in its online gallery.

“It isn’t kind of futuristic, but a new look that can be worn in daily life. The collection is called ‘resortwear’ featuring 10 items such as blouses, long-sleeve shirts, sleeveless shirts, sarongs, and trousers, long trousers, and shorts. In my memory, I recognize Peranakan into tile pattern, or would be stencils at the edge of the balcony or the roof. All will be newly modified. For the tone of the collection, I call ‘purify’ meaning the colour that indicates the true essence of the material, not a toxic colour,” says Eaggamon.

“All will be unisex. The tote bag of course must have been weaved with Peranakan’s patterns and story, and most importantly with clashing patterns as my character, Eaggamon style. For sandal, it would be weaved by “Krajood” (Sedge) or “Toei Panan” and decorated with beads and colour stones,” he says.

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