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Holding a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Applied Arts from the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University, Sunisa Assawinrungroj started her artistic journey with a collage of fabric using several sewing techniques and unique patterns.

Later, mastering her skills she used several coloured threads to soften the seams of her art leading her to fabricate the piece “Aphrodite”. She wanted it to feel like a painting with touchable textures such as branches and leaves. The challenge lies in arranging the coloured threads in the right shades, rather like creating a painting, depicting a work of art preferably to craft. This would be the piece that would perpetually keep the memory of her favorite rabbit companion alive. After working on the piece “Aphrodite,” Sunisa explains that completing it felt as if she had sent the soul of her rabbit to heaven. The rabbit on this piece is depicted like a goddess of love and beauty. The piece can appropriately be decorated with bags and accessories from such luxury brands from Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana catching the interest of many women.

Initially her forte in art school consisted of flower patterns, though after the misfortune and inspiration pushed her to recreate her rabbit through art. The success pushed her career and she began to receive more recognition ever since. She explains that her fantasy style of art is a type of embroidery; by letting the foot of the sewing machine work in slow motion repeatedly she takes control of it as if it was a drawing.

At The Living Arts Festival, which took place in Phuket in 2020, Sunisa revealed her new artwork showcasing the rabbit with Peranakan-style. She is a strong believer that creativity itself can promote healing and bring people to create a better future and society for all, she hopes that Thai government officials show more interest in the art and design sector by promoting places such as museums and galleries.

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My Work & Creation

Sunisa Assawinrungroj

Pet ownership is a meaningful experience. Even death cannot cut emotional ties that owners feel towards their pets. Sunisa Assawinrungroj loves the rabbit dearly. She’s keeping the memory of her bunny buddy alive in her artworks.