About This Artist

A creative, inquisitive individual from a very young age, Likit Tunouds’ passion to create unique, innovative and handcrafted pieces is what ultimately gave him the initial push in the direction of pursuing an education in the arts, while attending Rajamangala University Technology Lana in Chiang Mai. Here, Likit was able to learn, develop and mold his craft, while also gaining support from his mentors and peers, who had seen his potential to challenge himself and participate in art competitions. Likit’s use of intricate line work and acrylic paint captured the eyes of many, and with that came enough positive feedback to encourage him to enter into more competitions, where he won them all.

Growing up in one of Chiang Mai’s local districts, Likit spent the greater part of his life living between the forest and countryside regions of the province. Having to travel back and forth between the two regions uniquely challenged him to understand and absorb the cultures and everyday lifestyles of each. This helped shape the personality and passion that he has today, and was also a keen catalyst in Likit discovering his fascination about the creation and harmony of nature in art.

Prior to studying at Rajamangala University, he had spent a number of years living there. He realized the tremendous differences that existed between his hometown and the city. As he studied the relationship of nature to organic shapes and geometric line work, his sense of curiosity and eagerness to learn only continued to grow. As he continued to study the philosophy of co-existence, he discovered how to express his combined ideology through his art pieces.

His journey toward becoming an illustrator manifested itself in his third year of university. Following the progressing success of his art, Likit would occasionally give out his artwork to various organisations for donation purposes. The action of giving back to others is something which ignites tremendous joy in his heart; after being on the receiving end for so long, he felt that it was important for him to now give back to the community that had once given him everything that he needed.

My Work & Creation

Likit Tunouds

Likit Tunouds is known for his creative line drawings that are strongly inspired by his childhood experiences, as well as for experimenting with various mediums and nature studies. His practice is incredibly and inseparably linked with nature, favouring ideas from human interactions, animals and the nature of “being”, where his ideas are actively expressed through caring, sharing, and helping others.