About This Artist

Being immersed into the family of the innovative rattan products, Pranai Kasemtavornsilpa was always surrounded by knowledge of creativities. Growing up in a creative environment inspired him to pursue his Bachelor’s Degree in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Burapha University and earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Arts at Silpakorn University’s Faculty of Decorative Arts.

Despite people questioning on how achievable and realistic a career, as an artist would be, it didn’t stop Pranai from pursuing his passion. After conducting research, he realized the power of the Internet and social media platforms made it possible for new and young artist to rise up and showcase their work in the public eye. In the era of contemporary art world, his artwork draws most attention from foreigners. The possibilities encouraged him to feel hopeful about the future of showcasing his work. His dream was to always to educate upcoming Thai art collectors on the true value of contemporary art. The combined knowledge and passion pushed him to create imaginative work beyond boundaries winning several awards including second prize for the work “Track of Life No 8” in 2014 at the Krungthai Art Awards and was also recognized at the Toshiba Art Exhibition. In 2015, he had his debut solo exhibition, “Trace of Life” at Number 1 Gallery located in Bangkok.

Known for his iconic style through applying etching techniques directly on to paintings. Both “Listen” and “Daughter” are contemporary portraits telling a story through their texture. The paintings are a symbolisation of Asian culture by capturing the Tanaka traditional powder from the bark of trees, the Burmese, and Mon community between the Thai and Myanmar borders. The cracked ground texture reveals how urban society that is gradually losing its traditional roots. “Listen” depicts a feeling of loneliness and pity, while “Daughter”, expresses the affection and love Pranai feels towards his 6-year-old daughter. Through out the years, cracked texture became part of his signature. All of these successes have pushed him to produce new set of paintings inspired by Phuket’s Peranakan culture for the leading art festival at The Living Art.

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My Work & Creation

Pranai Chan

Pranai Kasemtavornsilpa has a bachelor’s degree in printmaking and master’s degree in Applied Arts. His technique is etching on paintings.