Phuket, Thailand

More than just beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and islands.

Phuket is home to many tourist attractions, beaches and islands, but there is so much more to the island than what the postcards show. The island features a rich, cultural history that is the culmination of many different civilizations, cultures, and people. Phuket was recently awarded as a City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.

Due to its rich diversity and history, Phuket has evolved in many different ways, creating beautiful arts & crafts that are truly distinct to the island. However, it’s the people of Phuket that make the island unique with their knowledge, their traditions and their behavior. This uniqueness can be seen everywhere – from what they eat, to the music they listen to and the entertainment they like.

History Of Phuket, Thailand

Pearl of the South. A long history of hosting foreigners.

Due to its abundant natural reserves, Phuket has always been economically significant. Over the years, Phuket has enticed travelers, merchants, and pirates from diverse places such as Arabia, Sri Lanka, China and Portugal – all of them in search of the island’s ivory, pearls, timber, animal hides and gems.

Later in the 18th century, due to the discovery of tin, the Dutch, French and British came to the island, as did many explorers such as Captain Francis Light. The discovery of tin in Phuket drew in many miners from China, who all moved to Phuket to become the first entrepreneurs and many of which, generations later, are now Phuket’s wealthiest families. The influence that they have had on Phuket’s culture is evident in everyday life here. From the food, architecture, rituals, ceremonies, traditions, to the fashion, they have impacted this island, creating a medley of truly unique and beautiful art.

Each commercial revolution has influenced Phuket’s culture, and the island is made up of a colorful mix of residents. Evidence of these revolutions can be seen in the island’s architecture, especially around Phuket Old Town where Sino-Portuguese influences are apparent on every street corner.

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UNESCO Creative City

Phuket gastronomic delights recognized in UNESCO Creative City listing.

In 2015, Phuket was recognized in the UNESCO Creative City Listings for its local gastronomic delights. A genuinely wonderful award and well deserved, the beauty of Phuketian cuisine is how it has evolved over time but also stayed traditional. Food culture from Phuket’s eclectic mix of residents resulted in a delightful array of traditional Phuketian cuisine blended with a new food culture from the migrants who settled in Phuket.

Many factors went into winning this UNESCO award, but the diversity of Phuket played a great factor. As Phuket is a city of mixed cultures, there is a great variety of dishes from different cultures ranging from Thai, Thai-Chinese, Malaysians, Muslims and also food from European and Indian influences. In turn, these cuisines assimilated, eventually becoming Phuket’s traditional food.

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