The Living Art Festival 2020, Phuket, Thailand
17th – 19th December 2020

“To uplift Phuket province and to position it as a World City of Gastronomy Culture which encompasses Food, Arts, Exhibition, Entertainment, Music, and Culture,” – Khun Sornchat. Aom’s vision of introducing young, local artists to the world, to promote Thai culture, to encourage young artists to pursue their craft, is what drives this venture. Setting the stage for these talents is a grand art event that will attract art lovers from all over the world. This festival will exhibit artworks from local Thai artists from all around Thailand, 3 art workshops with famous artists, and featuring a unique & cultural dining experience. 

The Living Arts Festival will be constructed using sustainable methods, unlike other art exhibitions it will be staged to enhance the shopping experience of all forms of art pieces. Combining the concept of the Peranakan Dragon with the lifestyle showcase will allow visitors to see how the art pieces would look and feel like and therefore creating a festival of LIVING ARTS.



On the 17th – 19th December 2020, The Festival will be held at Blue Tree in Phuket, Thailand. The festival will be designed in the theme of a Peranakan Dragon, starting at the Business center all the way to the Tree House. The head of the dragon will be at the entrance to the art gallery, where guests can enjoy tea and cakes, the club and live music stage will be in the belly of the beast, while the restaurant (tail) will be in the tree house taking up all the floors, with arts and crafts displayed in real scenarios all throughout.

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Arts & Crafts Exhibition

The 2020 living art festival will have the biggest collection of arts and crafts ever to take place in Thailand. Our festival will feature art pieces of all categories such as sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, bamboo weaving, acrylics, and much more.

These exhibitions are unlike anything you have ever seen before. The exhibition is a lifestyle presentation of real living scenario sets, where all of the art pieces are up for grab. A one-way shopping experience guaranteed to enhance your experience of viewing arts. 

Live Workshops

Participate in one or all of our 3 workshops happening throughout the afternoon at the inspiration hall. Where we bring in professionals sharing their trade and knowledge about ceramist, batik painting, and Lush Thailand. 

Ceramic workshop by Plakatoon where you will learn how to shape your own colorful ceramic creations. A batik painting workshop with Khun Rowiya Hayeeyama from Batik De Nara where you will get your hands dirty while you get busy designing. And our lush soap workshop

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Aside from all the above, to complete the gastronomy experience is the entertainment to set the mood. With live bands, DJs, performers, and including a club, wine bars, we will combine both the international influence with the thai culture to complete the concept of the living arts.