Blue Tree Phuket – Phuket’s Premier Family Attraction

Blue Tree Phuket is Phuket’s biggest family attraction that caters to a whole day fun filled experience. Created in order to be playful, exciting, cheerful, joyfull, unusual, innovative, challenging, amusing, gleeful. Providing Phuket a sustainable destination combining fun, entertainment, culinary experience, creativity and relaxation. They aim to help the local businesses grow by providing them with unique spaces on site where the businesses are strategically placed to compliment one another in terms of sales. At their large water park, you will find amazing water sports, a four-storey vertical beach club, food trucks with mouth-watering cuisine, 17 restaurants serving delicious hearty food, shopping areas, an open roof music arena, fitness zone, retail shops, a large treehouse with a restaurant and more.


The shopping village is located at the front of Blue Tree, this area was designed to build a community, a collection of local businesses that together brings a synergy that compliments one another. Not just for the business but also for the people visiting this lifestyle shopping experience. The shopping village is home to some cool and funky shops, little cafes, smoothie bars and a collection of hand sprayed wall arts. Each wall art is created from local artists in Phuket who were all hand-picked by the owner of the project. 

This section of Blue Tree will be the entrance of The Living Arts Festival 2020 with decorations and art pieces that will slowly transform and take you back into the time of the Pernakan. Here visitors can explore the various art pieces and large decorations that will be displayed throughout the path towards the main entrance of the art festival. 

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The Arena is Phuket’s first ever open-air amphitheater and stage, which has already hosted many legendary music festivals like Job 2 do. The arena is a combination of an ambi-theatre, surrounded by restaurants and unique one-of-a-kind food trucks, with a kids planet to keep the little ones entertained and safe.

During The Living Arts Festival this is where visitors will enter the head of the Perankan Dragon and journey into our main Gallery Hall in Phuket. Here we will be hosting the main masterpieces as well as a unique high-tea experience amongst a unique setting where every piece is for sale. This area will also house the Outdoor Rainforest Wine Bar, a unique concept created by ____________ and paired with Rathbone Group’s wine collection. 

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The Tree House is Blue Tree’s jewel, a large five storey treehouse overlooking the crystal lake. This 5 storey wonder was created as a place for families where they could escape the sun, gather around a table, relax and eat together after having fun the whole day. One the first floor guests can enjoy a beach club experience, on the second floor their will be a delightful casual dining experience, on the third floor guests can enjoy a normal dining experience, on the fourth floor guests can mingle and enjoy tapas in a nice chill out zone and then move onto the final floor with 360 degree view look out over the whole festival and park.

Here all the Festival’s unique culinary experience will be staged for a dining experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the unique and tranquil setting, where the combined experience of art, creativity, life and unique cuisine by celebrity chefs comes together in celebration of Phuket’s culture.

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The Lagoon was created first and foremost with safety and environmental sustainability. A place for families to swim and enjoy water activities together. With a focus on building a community where children and adults can have fun on a regular basis. Basically it’s a giant family lagoon that is open to people that want to just have fun. Enjoy many exhilarating activities like, Slip N Fly, Ziplining or cliff diving  into their deep crystal clear lake. Aside from utilising state-of-the-art technology to maintain water clarity, Blue Tree Lagoon also boasts Crystal Lagoons’ sustainable technology, as the lagoon uses up to 100 times fewer chemicals and 50 times less energy than conventional swimming pool systems.