How do we get back to normal after the global pandemic that is Covid-19? Will we get back to normal? Will there be a new normal?

Our task now is much more than just keeping the fine arts alive. We are reinventing the way how we experience art, how we enjoy art. 

While the world may have changed, may never go back to normal, our purpose has stayed the same: 

“To provide a platform to emerging Thai-Artists to showcase their work to an international audience.

To support local art-communities with opportunities through connection to art lovers, tourism, and inspirational colleagues.

To promote Arts, Crafts, and Culture in domestic and international tourism”

In the face of the crisis, the original idea of setting a grand culinary stage for our young artists has evolved into an ongoing series of events, both online and offline, with the goal to promote community culture, arts and crafts of Thailand. Many of our artists are undiscovered and often originate from structurally disadvantaged communities, while some are renowned Thai national and even international artists helping their peers.